The true test of a company’s craftsmanship and professionalism is whether it can meet a large complex scope and schedule, while still ensuring every detail is flawless. At Ilk Apartments, IJF Australia has succeeded on all counts, delivering impeccable results on a major project scale with its manufacture, supply and installation of all the apartment joinery.

The design of the Ilk project joinery was highly creative and detailed. Many kitchens had a unique integrated laundry and a Vide Poche joinery unit, and an extra degree of diligence was applied to ensure unusual constraints such as detailed bulkheads and service risers would not affect joinery production methods and on-site installation. This meticulous approach also enabled integrated laundry appliances and service requirements such as DB boxes and cables to be successfully incorporated into the corresponding joinery.

  • Client                Hickory   

  • Value                 4 - 5 Million

  • Location            VIC   

  • Type                  Apartments